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Our services are designed to integrate and manage the entire global value chain between suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, and customers. We provide a comprehensive supply chain solution, starting at regulatory/approvals till last-mile delivery, tailored as per the requirement of the customer, enabling our customers to focus on their core activity while we take care of operations.

Container Leasing & Sales
Distribution & Agency
Packing Solutions
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Air Services

| Logistics - Cold & Ambient

We have developed a range of cold chain primary, secondary, tertiary & last-mile transport solutions taking into account the need for service reliability & control on the movement of products. These are designed to meet different logistics, compliance, and temperature requirements.

Our operations are managed by a central team of experienced planners & process improvement designers. This team monitors each route and link in the logistics chain to get full traceability of all consignments as well as temperature data.

We make planning, sourcing, scheduling, and transporting seamless, visible, and cost-effective with the use of highly integrated tech platforms.

| Warehousing - Cold & Ambient

Starting with a thorough analysis of specific business requirements, our teams establish, design, implement, operate and improve dedicated warehousing and distribution operations that deliver value to your business. We offer shared/exclusive on-demand pharma-compliant warehousing space with multiple storage temperature management options. Currently, we manage warehousing space of 10000+ pallets spread across North, West & South India, with repacking facilities across all locations.

We specialize in GDP Compliant Warehousing, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), CFA Services, In-Plant Warehouse Management, and Central & Regional Distribution Centre Setup & Management.

| Container Leasing & Sales

Container storage allows expansion of storage facilities in case of seasonal requirements with comparatively lower capital investments and is also used for temporary storage requirements with high mobility. These containers can be temperature controlled to suit the requirements of the product.

Our team of experts understands the requirements of the business and accordingly helps you plan the best-suited model - leasing or procurement. All containers leased/procured are refurbished, quality-tested, and compliant with relevant standards.

| Distribution & Agency

Parazelsus is globally known for its sales and distribution capabilities, allowing you to scale in local territories, nationally, and globally. Our team of trained professionals possesses many decades of award-winning sales experience that helps you plan the right geography and distribution strategy.

In India, we work on consignment sales agencies, super stockists & distributorship models. We manage our distribution operations through 10 key distribution points having a network of 5500+ distributors, 8200+ Hospitals, Physicians, Government Institutions, and 200+ transport routes.

| Packing Solutions

Our Packaging Solutions team provides storage and transit of small parcels with temperature monitoring and control requirements. Our non-gel-based cooling solutions can be designed to maintain temperatures for 48-72 hours for passive cold storage packing solutions. These highly specialized packaging can be customized, reverse shipped, and re-used, thus reducing your cost of shipment.

| Project Consultation

At Parazelsus, we believe in providing innovative solutions. Our team consists of thinkers and believers who have implemented out-of-the-box solutions to solve the needs of our clients.

Our team of experts can help in Distribution Network Planning, Project-Based Storage Solutions Design, Supply Chain Re-engineering, Quality Management System Implementation (supply chain), and more. Reach out to us to know more about how we can help you optimize your supply chain.

| Value Added Services

At Parazelsus, we are proud to meet the needs of pharmaceutical & clinical trial packages in a variety of market segments, from independent pharmacies to long-term care facilities, hospitals, and many others. We design a customized process for every client based on the requirements and offer custom packing, kitting, and labeling services at our facilities.

Our flexible packaging operation provides fully-integrated solutions for pharmaceutical applications and consumer product lines while maintaining strict compliance with cGMP and FDA regulations.

| Air Services

Our air cargo service is specially customized to cater to the specific need of the shipments with cold chain packaging and time sensitive products of pharma and life sciences industry. The entire operation is executed by an experienced team's coordinated effort.

Highlights in our Air service capability-

  • Door-to-Door services
  • Next business day delivery for Airport city locations

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Parazelsus is an internationally recognized group for its supply chain solutions. Over the past few years, healthcare and science have progressed significantly. As a result, the requirement for high-quality, compliant, specialized supply chain solutions has increased.

We specialize in supply chain solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines, Medical Devices, Consumer Health Products, Diagnostics & Lab Reagents, Biotech & Biologics and Animal Health.