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Parazelsus India is a Supply Chain Solutions provider, providing services like cold chain & ambient logistics, besides warehousing to pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare, and medical devices sectors. The company, having its head office in Mumbai, operates a network across India with 12 logistic nodes covering more than 243 cities, 450 transport routes, and 5,000 distributors. The team at Parazelsus includes industry veterans, finance & marketing experts who are committed to generating value in the pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare sector.


The name Parazelsus is derived from Swiss doctor & alchemist Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim (1493-1541), who took the name Paracelsus later in life. He referred to Celsus, the Roman Encyclopedist for Medicine, but meant to move medicine beyond his times. Paracelsus introduced the treatment of illnesses with chemical substances during the Renaissance period. Many early advances in modern medicine are based on the research and work performed by Paracelsus.


We at Parazelsus live by our core values. These act as our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help us function together as a team.


As an organisation we are self-aware, accountable, responsible, and truthful and internally consistent.


Efficiency is at our heart. We are known for our quality of service and the efficiency in managing operations.


We commit to generating value seriously and believe in doing so for our clients, employees & stakeholders. We also commit to our social responsibility and aim to uplift our social surroundings.



Parazelsus started operations in Pakistan on 1st of January 2007.


Expanded to Indonesia and India in 2008.


Started operations in Thailand and Mexico in 2009.


Added Australia on 2010.


Started operations in Afghanistan in 2012.


Expanded to Bangladesh & Sri Lanka in 2014.

Today Parazelsus is focused on the South Asia regions with operating subsidiaries in India, Pakistan & Afghanistan.


Parazelsus Group is an independent & proactive, investment and management group, founded by Peter Zuellig in 2006. He was also the founder and chairman of the Golden Springs Group (2014), which acquired several leading businesses in the agriculture sector, complementing the healthcare-oriented Parazelsus activities. Before starting Parazelsus, he was the CEO and Executive Director of the Zuellig Group, which Mr. Zuellig joined in 1981. A graduate of the faculty of law from the University of Zurich, Peter Zuellig subsequently post graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Business School. Mr. Peter Zuellig passed away on 24th December 2018. Today, we continue to strive for the same goals and his vision for the group.

Markus Haefali

Markus Haefali


Shailesh Acharya

Shailesh Acharya


Potrait of Dr. Anish Bhattacharya

Dr. Anish Bhattacharya

Vice President – Operations

Purva Maheshwari

Purva Maheshwari

Chief Financial Officer